Leopard, Cat Fall Into Well During Chase. Here’s What Happened Next

The cat and the leopard were filmed facing each other inside the well.

The two felines were rescued safely hours later by forest department personnel, an official said on Monday, according to news agency PTI.

The incident took place in Kankori village under Sinnar taluka, where the leopard may have fallen into the well while chasing the cat on late Saturday night, he said.

Both the animals were rescued safely from the 25 to 30 feet deep well with the help of a crane on late Sunday evening by the forest department, the official said.

The leopard, which did not harm the cat during the face-off, was later released in its natural habitat, he added.

Until the report of the animals being rescued was published, most users wanted to know what happened to the cat. The short video gave away very little. But curious users had a way of asking for more information.

One user named Pooja Singh compared the post to a “to be continued” type of daily soap that left her “curious to know about cat”.

Another user, Satish Menon, applauded the cat’s courage to stand its ground. The user wrote with humorous observation, “The larger animal was a little confused seeing its own copy in a smaller variant.”

Users soon began to recall the Hindi saying that described cats as the aunts (mausi) of all big cats. A user by the name of Honest Human wrote, “I was not worried about the cat, but for leopard.”

Another user called it a “family fight”.

One user reminded us of the mobile video game “Clash of Clans” when they called this confrontation a “clash of cats”.

A user named Raman went on to call it “Real Life of Pi”.

One user took a hilarious jab at the video and wrote a fictional monologue from the leopard’s point if view. “Leopard be like chill bro, it’s just a prank, see there is a camera,” tweeted the user.

However, one user replied with concern, and conjectured that the leopard might have displayed signs of pseudo motherhood towards the cat instead of attacking it.